Seminar Aikido & Ninjutsu, 5-6-7th of June, Neuchâtel


  • Srdjan Crnagorac, 9th dan Ninjutsu
  • Eric Graf, 5th dan aikido

This seminar is intended for aikidokas of all levels. Ninjas are welcome too. 

Poster comes soon


In this course we practice in the spirit of Aikido. Ninjustu Bujinkan is a Ninjutsu that has been reformed by its Doshu to serve the development of the human being, improving his physical, mental and psychic abilities. It is no longer destined to destroy as was the Ninjutsu before. The spirit of practice is therefore the same as for Aikido.

In this course we practice at the technical level, at the energy level and use meditation techniques to improve our efficiency and objectivity in the movements. What we present and develop applies to both Aikido and Ninjutsu.