Dojos de Neuchâtel & Bienne - important information

Health being at the center of our concerns, we of course comply with the restrictions of the Federal Council and the cantons, our dojos will remain closed until further notice.

Together with the other sports and cultural clubs and schools, contributions remain due. We appeal to your solidarity and will do our utmost to continue to offer an attractive offer to all our members, children and adults:

The members of our Dojos will receive at least 1 email per week with a private online course, only for the members of our Dojos
You can put the video and follow the instructions at home in the living room, the garden or in nature. Detailed information is distributed by email, please check your mailbox and contact us if you have not received anything.

Also check our courses in our brand new virtual Dojo: 

VideoDojoNE mini

See the presentation video of the Dojo de Neuchâtel - Espace Culturel